Return Policy

Dear Customer, thank you for purchasing from our website. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our product purchase, you can follow these policies to return the product.

Terms of return:

* If the product is damaged, defective, incorrect or incomplete.

Return Policy:

Check and receive the product after the delivery man reaches you.

If the product is damaged, defective, incorrect or incomplete, contact our representative to report the problem with the product. Send pictures to representative if necessary. Return the product to the delivery man as advised by the representative.

Exchange Policy:

Almost all our products have a 7-day replacement guarantee. If there is a problem with a product within 7 days, we will send a new product.

In that case the customer may have to pay delivery charges subject to conditions.

Refund Policy:

After the delivery of the product, if the customer does not want to keep the product, he can change the product and get another product within 7 days. In this case the delivery charge has to be paid by the customer.

In order to get product refund, the customer has to send the product back to us and we will send the replaced product to the customer after receiving the product.

In this case, the condition is that the product sent by the customer must be intact. And everything that was sent to the customer, including the packaging, should be sent to the designated address of the office.

Office Address: 70/71, Janata Housing, Adabar, Mahammadpur, Dhaka-1207.